Community Recreation Organizations

The Parks and Recreation Department is happy to link to non-profit organizations in the Wolfeboro area that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Recreation related
  • Youth related
  • Civic Organizations

This is provided as a community service to help increase the quality and quantity of recreational opportunites to our residents and visitors. Please submit corrections and requests for links here.

Abenaki Ski Area  Christine Collins  603-569-5639
Abenaki Ski Team--Freestyle Becky Bartlett 603-520-5413
Abenaki Ski Team--Racing Aynne De Beer 603-986-4235
Abenaki Water Ski Club Becky Bartlett 603-520-5413
Abenaki Youth Lacrosse
Appalachian Mountain Teen Project  603-569-5510
Babe Ruth Softball Tom Pickle 603-707-0014
Baseball--Cal Ripkin Dickie Arthur
Basketball- Boys  Corey Hunter  603-707-8278
Basketball- Girls
Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts Troop 165
Football--Kingswood Lancers
Friends of Abenaki
Girl Scouts-Public School
Governor Wentworth Arts Council  603-569-4994
Hockey--Back Bay Youth Vic Drouin 603-234-6859
Hockey--Men’s League Paul Moore 603-569-1094
Hockey--Senior Men’s League Victor Drouin 603-234-6859
Hockey--She Wolves Women's League  Lisa Tarter 604-986-7092

Kingswood Summer Theatre
Kingswood Youth Center 603-569-5949
Ladies of the Lake Quilters' Guild
Moose Mountain Regional Greenways Keith Fletcher 603-817-8260
New Hampshire Boat Museum 603-569-4554
Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce  Mary DeVries 603-569-2200
Wolfeboro Area Children’s Center 603-569-1027
Wolfeboro Area Creative Arts 603-569-7979
Wolfeboro Area Recreation Assn (The Nick) Holly Williams 603-569-1909
Wolfeboro Garden Club  Jane Milligan 603-569-4330
Wolfeboro Historical Society  Jim Rogers 603-569-1683
Wolfeboro Lions Club
Wolfeboro Parks & Rec Christine Collins 603-569-5639
Wolfeboro Pathways
Wolfeboro Rotary Club
Wolfeboro Senior Center
Wolfeboro Senior Citizens Club
Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club
Wolfeboro Tennis Club
Wolfeboro XC Ski  Nordic Skiier 603-569-3151