2021 LRHHPF Brochure

From Wolfeboro on NH 28/South Main Street, turn between two gas stations. NH28 becomes Center Street. Bear left onto 109A at the Army tank. Turn right onto Beach Pond Road after cemetery. Go 1-3/4 miles and facility is on left.

404 Beach Pond Road Wolfeboro, NH 03894


Open each 3rd Saturday May—October
8:30 AM—Noon

Read the label: if it says, “Danger,” “Warning,” “Poison,” or “Caution,” the product contains ingredients that are flammable, poisonous, will burn the skin or eyes, or react violently with other chemicals.

Why the concern?

Contamination of our natural environment is a very real threat through the improper dis- posal of our household hazardous products and medicines. Municipal treatment plants and septic systems are incapable of pro- cessing these chemicals. Landfill disposal poses the same risks, and the result is the eventual contamination of our groundwater.

Proper Management

AVOID DANGER TO CHILDREN AND PETS: Improper storage of hazardous products can lead to accidental poisonings. The most common poisonings are from personal care products, medicine, and cleaning products.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: If hazardous products are disposed of together in the trash, incompatible chemicals may react and produce toxic fumes, explosions, or fires which could cause injury at home, to trash collectors or waste facility workers. When continuously exposed to certain products, adverse short and long term effects on the body including cancer and birth defects.

Lakes Region Household Hazardous Product Facility

Protect our waters and manage your household hazardous products responsibly.

Are there hazardous products in my home?

What to Bring!


Collection Dates

3rd Saturday at the Wolfeboro facility* May—October
8:30 AM—Noon

*Special medicine collections on collection days in June and August


Are you a Small Quantity Generator? Contact LRHHPF for cost effective hazardous waste disposal at 603-651-7530

From Home:

Arts and craft supplies Drain opener
Epoxies and resins Floor cleaner & polish Metal polish

Oven cleaner Photo chemicals Roofing tar Spot remover

From the Garage:

Car wax and polish Carburetor cleaners & degreasers
Gasoline & Diesel fuel Mixed motor oil

From the Yard and Garden: Driveway sealer Herbicides & weed killers

Muriatic acid Pesticides
Pool chemicals Rust preventative

From the Workbench: Paint Stripper Paint thinner & solvents
Oil-based paint Spray paint
Stains & varnishes Wood preservative

2nd Saturday at Alton transfer station* July and September
8:30 AM—Noon

*Special medicine collection at September collection in Alton

Please note:

You will be asked to participate in a brief survey, which helps us improve our collection effort.

Keep materials in original containers.

For speedy drop-off, place containers in a sturdy cardboard box in your trunk.

Passes & Payment

Wolfeboro & Alton Households:

Before collection, Wolfeboro households pick up free pass from the Wolfeboro Solid Waste Facility and Alton residents from the Alton Transfer Station.

Bring your pass to the collection facility with your hazardous products.

Other Households:

1. Attend on a fee basis of $45 per 5-gallons of hazardous waste and $25 for medicines.
2. Bring cash or checks made out to “LRHHPF”.


Please call 603-651-7530 or 603-569-Lets Take Care Of it! (5826)

If we are not available at the time, leave a message, we will return your call.

E-mail us at: lrhhpf@atlanticbb.net

What NOT to Bring! Latex Paint- Dry out and put in trash. Fluorescent Bulbs- Contact your transfer station for collection. Ammunition/Fireworks/Flares/ Explosives- NH State Police, 603-271-3636. Smoke Detectors- Send to manufacturer. Asbestos- Hire a professional.
Other- Call us or your transfer station