Marriage Licenses

The requirements to obtain a marriage license in the state of NH are as follows:

  • Please call the office to make an appointment to apply for your marraige license. 
  • Both parties must be present.
  • You must know parent's full names (mother's maiden) and states of birth.
  • Picture I.D.'s must be presented
  • If under the age of 18, we need a driver's license, court waiver, and birth certificate.
  • Second marriages, we need to see certified final divorce decrees or certified death certificate or certified anulment verification.
  • The fee is $50.00  effective July 1, 2011, payable at the time of filing.
  • Social Security numbers need to be on the license.
  • The license is valid for 90 days.
  • You may download the Marriage Application Form and fill it out to expedite the process.

You do not need to get married in the town that issues the license. Once you are married, the Officiant sends the Town Clerk, where you applied,  the information regarding the wedding.  The officiant information is then entered into the State computer and you may obtain a certified copy of your marriage at any town/city clerk's office. The cost is $15.00 for the first copy and $10 for any additional at the same time.  

The following State Statute is for your information when applying for a marriage license in the State of NH:

RSA 5-C41 II-a, (a) Upon entering into marriage, either party may retain his or her surname prior to the marriage or change his or her surname to the surname of the other party or change the surname to a hyphenated combination of the full surnames of both parties.  If a party request a surname change under this paragraph, that party may also change his or her middle name to his or her surname prior to the marriage.  Each party shall indicate on the marriage application worksheet the party's name after marriage. (b) Provided that the change is not made for a fraudulent criminal or wrongful purpose, the name of each party after marriage as indicated on the marriage application worksheet and marriage license shall become the sole legal name of each party after marriage.  If a party indicates a name change other than as described in subparagraph (a), the party shall request approval of the court.