Wastewater Treatment Facility

Description of Our Services
The Wolfeboro Wastewater Treatment Facility is managed by the contract operations firm Woodard & Curran and is staffed with 3 full time certified operators and assisted by part time employees on an as needed basis.  The facility receives most of the raw wastewater from the Mill Street Sewage Pump Station, which can pump up to 1,400 gallons per minute.  The Facility is permitted for 600,000 gallons a day; in 2009 the yearly average wastewater flow is about 385,000 gallons per day.

This facility is responsible for treating and disposing the wastewater in accordance with a NHDES permit.  The facility also accepts septage from licensed haulers on a reservation basis; please contact the wastewater facility office at 569-3185 for any questions related to septage disposal. Upon treating the wastewater at the facility on Filter Bed Road, the treated effluent is pumped to an Effluent Storage Pond, from there it is pumped 2.5 miles to the newly permitted and constructed Rapid Infiltration Basins, where it is discharged in to the ground.

If you have any questions about the facility, please contact Director of Water and Sewer Utilities, David Ford, PE at 569-8176.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Russ Howe Plant Manager, Woodard & Curran Contract Operator
John Craigue Chief Operator
Steve Mancini Lead Operator
Jeremy Boston Wastewater Operator