Wolfeboro Waters Story

For the first time, on Labor Day weekend 2018 NHDES issued a Cyanobacteria Advisory for the Wolfeboro end of Winter Harbor, the location of one of our public beaches, Carry Beach, because of a cyanobacteria bloom.  For a short time, it was considered unsafe.  It was our wake-up call…

Wolfeboro is one of the jewels in the crown that is beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.  Our lake, “the smile of the great spirit,” home to bald eagles and loons, is vital to our tourists, our merchants and our homeowners.

Within the past year more than 80 volunteers were trained in Wolfeboro by USEPA and UNH experts to observe for cyanobacteria blooms. A hotline has been setup for potential sightings. 

We look forward to connecting you to information about what you can do to protect our lake as well as town projects, beach information and other updates.

We hope to link all of us together with the many volunteer organizations around the lake that focus on water quality and conservation  so that we can share our community’s efforts and results.

Together we can and will continue to strengthen our protection of our water bodies. We owe this effort to our children and future generations..  Our lake will heal itself if we let it.  Please help us protect our most precious resource.

Please come back often as we will be introducing new content nd new ideas on this website

Thank you

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