To Ensure Safe Water, Town Advises Flushing Internal Plumbing After Prolonged Vacancy

To all Wolfeboro Municipal Water Customers: During the current Pandemic and “Stay at Home” order many buildings have been vacant or are at a reduced occupancy schedule. It is extremely important that you keep fresh treated water coming into your building. When the water is not being used, a stagnation process begins with chemical and biological changes. Metals can leach into the water over time from your pipes and bacteria could multiply to levels that cause concern. The Water Department adds a chlorine disinfectant to the municipal water and maintains a minimum level in the distribution system, however, if water is stagnant in water services or building piping the concentration reduces over time and can allow bacterial films to develop. The Water Department strongly recommends flushing every faucet and spigot in your house once per week during vacancy, and prior to reopening the Building. Generally for smaller buildings not much bigger than a residence, you can flush the internal plumbing by running all spigots for roughly 5 to 10 minutes or until the water feels cold and doesn’t seem to be getting colder. Larger buildings will need to be flushed longer. Also, if you have a point of entry or point of use (at the tap) filter, or have a water purification system or polisher, you should replace the filter and/or have the system serviced by a professional to make sure it is operating properly. Any questions please feel free to call the DPW Director, David Ford @ 569-8177, or the Assistant DPW Director Scott Pike at 507-4134 anytime for assistance. Additional information can be found at: