Motor Vehicle Registration

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In New Hampshire, there are two parts to a motor vehicle registration. The first part is completed at the local town office where the registrant lives. The second part is completed at a State DMV office or, if the town is a Municipal Agent of the State, the State portion can often be done at the local city/town Clerk’s office as well (for vehicles with a gross weight of 26,000 lbs or less). The Town of Wolfeboro is a Municipal Agent of the State and is able to do many of the State’s transactions in the Town Clerk’s office.

What paperwork do I need to register my vehicle in Wolfeboro?
When registering a vehicle in Wolfeboro for the first time, you will need to prove your residency. This can be done by bringing in two (2) of the following documents when you come in to register your vehicle:

  • Lease Agreement
  • Utility Bill (current utility bill in registrant’s name within the last 30 days - bill must show residential property address (You can not live in a box!)
  • Statement of Residency from property owner/manager, or if non-resident, an Non-Resident Affadavit stating the vehicle is exclusively garaged in Wolfeboro 
  • Closing statement or copy of deed (if you have just purchased property in Wolfeboro and do not have a current utility bill)

Along with the proof of residency, the following documentation is needed:

VEHICLES 2000 AND NEWER: (As of January 1, 2015) A title is required!  THERE IS NO LONGER A FIFTEEN (15) YEAR TITLE LAW.

For newly purchased vehicles - if you are a Wolfeboro NH resident and purchase a title year vehicle (2000 or newer) within the State from a dealership, the auto dealer will complete a title application. You will need to bring in the blue copy of the title application with “Town Clerk” printed on the bottom. If you purchased the vehicle from an out of state auto dealer, you will need either the "Certificate of Origin" (for new vehicle) or "Certificate of Title" (for a used vehicle) signed over to you, by the owner, and/or by the dealership. Bring this in, along with your proof of residency. If you purchased a used vehicle. (2000 and newer) from an individual (private sale) you will need the title signed over to you by all owners listed on the front of the tile.

For all other vehicles 2000 and newer - Submit the title, date of purchase, current odometer reading. If you have a lien on your vehicle (lien holder located outside of NH) present your current registration, lien holder’s name and address, date of sale and current odometer reading. If your lien holder is a NH lending institution, you will need to go to them first. They are required to complete the NH Title Application. They will give you a blue copy of the title application with the "Town Clerk" printed on the bottom. Bring this paper to us along with your proof of residency.  

Vehicles 1999 Or Older: (As of January 1, 2015)

Vehicles 1999 and older are  exempt from title in NH. If your vehicle falls in this category, submit a bill of sale plus one of the following:  previous owner’s last NH registration (current or expired), a valid title (NH or out of state) or Verification of VIN form (forms available at the Town Clerk’s Office or State DMV office).

In all cases above, if you are doing a transfer from an existing vehicle registered in your name (your name must be listed first on the registration) to a new vehicle whose title has been signed over to you, you will need to bring your copy of the registration for the old vehicle you are transferring from. If you have lost your copy, you can purchase one for $18.00 in this office (this includes the State fee of $15.00 plus the Municipal agent fee of $3.00) or at a DMV Substation for $15.00.  

How Much Will It Cost To Register My Vehicle?
Registration fees differ for each vehicle. If you need an estimate, you may bring your paperwork into the office. No estimates will be given over the telephone! Or, you can click here and get an estimate.

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?
Our office accepts cash, personal checks with correct address and telephone number, bank checks, money orders and/or traveler’s checks. At this time we are not able to accept credit cards or debit cards.

Can I Register My Vehicle by Mail?  
Once you have completed the initial registration of your vehicle in person, yearly renewals of that vehicle can be done through the mail (if the gross vehicle weight does not exceed 26,000 lbs.). You will receive a renewal reminder letter by mail, generally these renewal notices are sent out a month ahead of time before your renewal month. Please understand that this is just a courtesy letter.  It is your responsibility to remember to register your vehicle (s) during your birth month and/or company/lease birth month. When you receive this renewal letter, simply follow the instructions on this form.  

Can I Register My Vehicle Online?  
Yes, you have that opportunity to renew your registrations on E-Reg. On your mail-in renewal notice from my office, you will find the website and you will have instructions to be able to renew by plate number or PIN number (found on your renewal notice). You can go into this site and find all the information about renewing online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 569-5328.