Public Works

The Public Works Department is comprised of four (4) divisions with administrative staff overseeing their operations.

The Highway Division is responsible for the year round maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage systems.

The Garage Division is responsible for the maintenance of all Town of Wolfeboro vehicles and equipment.

The Building and Grounds Division maintains the Town docks, boat ramps, public restrooms and Crescent Lake Dam.

The Solid Waste Disposal Facility is the fourth division. All municipal trash and recyclables which are collected at the facility are removed to offsite locations by private contractors for proper disposal or reuse.

To protect the health and welfare of residents, property owners, visitors and businesses of Wolfeboro by providing courteous and quality services.  To maintain and upgrade the Town’s infrastructure including, but not limited to roadways, drainage, sidewalks, docks, vehicles and other Town assets.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Marie Durgan Administrative Assistant
Steve Randall Director