Sewer Collections

The Town of Wolfeboro’s sewer collections system consists of approximately 14 miles of pipeline, 243 manholes and 7 pump stations. Maintenance on the system is performed by our (5) full-time distribution and collection system employees. Maintenance consists of pump station operation and repairs, mainline cleaning and repairs, manhole repairs and closed circuit video recording to inspect pipelines. We also have (3) unique “Siphon” pipelines where gravity does not permit free flow. These are located on Bay Street by the new bridge, the North Main Street Bridge and under Back Bay. The State of NH does not mandate the system to have a certified operator, however, they do have a National voluntary certification program and we currently have (2) certified operators in our system:

  • Scott Pike Assistant DPW Director, Grade III Collection
  • John Donnelly Water and Sewer Crew Leader, Grade II Collection