Rust Pond

Photos Courtesy Rust Pond Association

Earlier called Middle Pond. Located in South Wolfeboro, Rust Pond drains into Lake Winnipesaukee via Mink Brook. 578’ above sea level (USGS survey). Named for Col. Henry A. Rust, early proprietor who in 1767 drew Lot 15, of 600 acres, which included the pond. In recent years a Chamber of Commerce brochure has hastened to tell visitors to Wolfeboro that Rust Pond was named after an early settler—lest some potential visitor think that it refers to the color of the water. 

Henry A. Rust was born in Stratham, NH, in 1726; married Ann Harvey of Portsmouth, and had 11 children (of whom four died in infancy, and seven married and remained in Wolfeboro all their lives). Mr. and Mrs. Rust both died in 1807 and are buried in the family plot in Wolfeboro. Circa 1773, Rust built a large (for the time) residence on the north shore of the pond, and he and his wife relocated there from Portsmouth; this house burned in 1880. (Courtesy of David Bowers)

The Libby Museum has a dugout canoe that was discovered by students and faculty at Wolfeboro Camp School, located on Rust Pond.  The School iteslf has been in existence for over 100 years and has students come from all over the world for it's summer teaching and recreational programs.


Watershed Area 1651 acresMax Depth

12.2 meters  39 ft.

Surface Area 210 acresMean Depth

7.4 meters  22 ft.

Shore Length4.300 metersVolume 6,310,500 cu. meters
Elevation .578 ft.  

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