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Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire. The lake has its charms, and for more than two centuries it has served as a focal point for artists, poets, writers, tourists, and other sojourners, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to profit from these visitors. Ever since the mid-19th century it has served to draw visitors, many of whom stayed in local hotels such as the Glendon House, Pavilion, Sheridan House, Belvue House, Glen Cottage, and others.

Wolfeboro has many miles of Winnipesaukee shoreline and over 20 named islands are within town limits. 504’ above sea level (USGS survey).  Often referred to around town as “the big lake” or simply “the lake,” Winnipesaukee dominates the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and is far larger than any other body of water in the state. With Moosehead Lake in Maine and Lake Champlain on the border between New York and Vermont, it is one of the three largest lakes in New England.  An often repeated rule of thumb is that Lake Winnipesaukee has 365 habitable islands, equal to one for each day in the year.(Courtesy Dave Bowers)


Watershed Area3692mi.Max Depth55m, 180'
Surface Area 712mi.Mean Depth 43'
 Length 20.75Volume .5686 cu.miles
Shoreline288 mi.Elevation 504'

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