Adopt-a-Bench Program

Bridge Falls Path and Wolfeboro Parks

The Department of Parks and Recreation is inviting individuals, families and organizations in the Wolfeboro Area to Adopt-a-Bench along the beautiful Bridge Falls Path and in various parks throughout Wolfeboro. Over the past several years, the Department has been removing aging homemade pressure treated lumber benches.  The older benches will be replaced through the Adopt-a-Bench program with new, composite material Contour Benches that provide increased comfort and an appealing look along our signature bike path and parks. Local residents and organizations are invited to make a donation to the Adopt-a-Bench program that will cover the purchase and installation of a bench in their name.  

This is a great opportunity for people to memorialize a loved one or a cause they believe in while making Wolfeboro an even more beautiful place,”The Bridge Falls Path is a real gem of a trail right in downtown that is used by hundreds of walkers, bikers, joggers and picnickers every day. What a great place to provide a bench for folks to sit and enjoy the scenery.

The program works like this:

  • Download the Bench Donation Form or contact Parks and Recreation Director at 603-569-5639 to initiate the process.
  • View a map of available locations and contact Parks and recreation to arrange a site visit.
  • Individuals, families or organizations make a donation of $1200.00 to the Adopt-a-Bench program.  This donation covers all purchase, shipping and installation costs for an 8 foot, post mounted Contour Bench with a customizable plaque.
  • Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation will then coordinate the purchase, shipping and installation of a new Contour Bench along the Bridge Falls Path, complete with a plaque with custom text requested by the donor.
  • Done! Now, residents and visitors of all ages can enjoy the peace and tranquility along the Bridge Falls Path on the new memorial or named bench for years to come.

The Bridge Falls Path in Downtown Wolfeboro is a rail trail that sees hundreds of users on a typical warm weather day. Running from the historic Railroad Depot on Depot St to Center St (Route 28), the trail connects downtown Wolfeboro with the Cotton Valley Trail, Albee Beach, Lake Wentworth and beyond on a state network of rail trails. In addition to recreational use, there are dozens of Wolfeboro residents who commute to work or school along the path each day, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing traffic and parking problems in the downtown core.

If you are interested in adopting a bench along the Bridge Falls Path or another Wolfeboro park, please download the Bench Donation Form or contact Parks and Recreation Director at 603-569-5639